2nd Feb Welcome Back Night Our first night back at cubs saw three new cubs join us for the first time which is really exciting. We had lots of fun doing different games and activities. Our favourite part of the night was making paper planes and having group launches to see how far they would go. Turns out we are all really good at making paper planes – perhaps it was all the inspiration we got from the recent movie? Our cub leader Kaa has been quite unwell and has had to have surgery. She is having the term off to recover properly and Hawkeye will be filling in for her. Bagheera (Victor Joey leader), Echidna (Victor Scout leader) and Emu (District Joey leader) will give Hawkeye a hand and we would love for some parents to help out when they can too. Paper planes 9th Feb Law & Promise Night For many of us learning about the scout promise and law is a new thing. We had a great chat about how we can live the cub scout way by doing our best, being loyal and obedient, not giving into ourselves, helping other people and ultimately still having lots of fun living and sharing. We have also been learning how to do parades which can be a bit tricky sometimes. 16th Feb Campfire Hawkeye loves campfire and he has a really funny hat that he wears too! We also discovered that Denae and Nolan’s Dad has an amazing scout blanket from Canada that he brought to use at campfire too! He has some really awesome badges. The cubs are starting to learn some new campfire ceremonies and songs. It was fantastic to see some of our parents be able to join us around the fire too. The highlight of the campfire was the ceremonial lighting where all the cubs called out in their biggest voices to the special ‘firefly’ that flew around the den grounds and then set fire to the campfire for our enjoyment! Cub campfire Parade after campfire 1st March Founders Day and JACS (Joey and Cub Scout) Rally Due to Cyclone Marcia Founders’ Day ceremony and JACS Rally had to be postponed to the 1st of March. Unfortunately this meant that some of us weren’t able to go to JACS Rally.  For those of us who did go it was an awesome morning of fun with Joeys and Cubs from the whole of Toohey Forest District joining in. Our favourite base was the Baden Powell Birthday Cake game that our fantastic Joey scout Leader Bagheera created! FD yarn JACS parade BP Birthday cake base

23rd Feb Bushwalk Tonight we went exploring off into Whites Hill State Forrest. It was an exciting adventure and we saw lots of things. Thanks so much to Archie’s Dad for spending time teaching some of us about all the cool insects and things in the forest. For some of us it was a fun opportunity to join in with Declan’s Grey Wolf hike. This was the last thing that Declan needed to do to finish his Grey Wolf award. We went up a big hill and together we made it!

2nd March Fitness with Scouts We are starting to get right into doing our Boomerang award work and tonight was a great example. Hawkeye invited the scouts to come along and join us to help us learn about different fitness activities. It is always a good opportunity to get to know the scouts better when they come a help us and ultimately it will help us when we eventually go up to the next section because we will already know them. We split up into our Bronze, Silver and Gold Boomerangs to work on different fitness activities. The scouts help run each activity (and that helped them get their badge award work signed off too!) What we learnt was that lots of us a really good at skipping and doing funky basketball dribbling moves! We even had a go at big skipping all together – it was hard trying to do it all together but it was fun! Basketball Big skipping

9th March Health & Safety, New sixes, Induction of Sixers Tonight was extra special. We had a really big opening parade. Everyone got assigned to new sixes (Grey, Black, Tawny, Red and White). We have five new sixers and four seconders. From now on we will do activities in either our sixes or Boomerang award levels depending on what the activity is. Being chosen to be a sixer or a seconder means that you are growing up and starting to demonstrate some leadership skills. It is hoped that the majority of cubs will at some point have the chance to be at least a seconder if not also a sixer before they move up to scouts. We have had quite a few new cubs join us from other groups who bring a lot of experience with them from their old groups. They will only be sixers for a short time until they’re nearly ready to go up. When they move up to scouts new sixers and seconders will be appointed. Those cubs who are moving up to scouts very shortly get to be in a special six – Grey. Here they are able to finish off any badge work they would like to complete (hopefully Grey Wolf awards but not necessarily as not everyone wants to do badge work and that’s fine too) before going to scouts and their job will be to help the cub leaders with activities. Congratulations to all our new sixers and seconders and we hope you enjoy your new sixes!

Six Colour Sixer Seconder
Grey Austin
Black Jack R Taliesen
Tawny Jack LS Alex
Red Emily Nicole
White Ciara Sean

Our sixers IMG_6197 Black Six IMG_6201 Tawny Six Tawny SixRed Six IMG_6200 White Six IMG_6199 For activities tonight we were looking at health and safety. Each six developed a skit together that demonstrated something dangerous to cubs that might happen in the home. After each skit we talked about what we could do to make sure that the bad outcomes didn’t happen and that we could be safe. There were lots of great topics – Granma’s medicine cabinet, a home invasion when parents weren’t home and the dangers of sharp knives. At the end of the night we played some really cool games with the scooter boards Hawkeye made for us. The first game was Cub Hungry Hippos where we had to work as a six to catch as many balloons as possible from the middle of the hall. Cub hungry hippos

The second game was Creek Crossing where we had to transport our whole six across the entire den by using just the scooter board and a piece of rope. Creek crossing

There was lots of laughing and fun and we all worked really well together.