IMG_1593Last year we threw our hat in the ring for a Community Benefit Gambling Fund application to give our tired 70’s kitchen a make over and also to rebuild the sagging main entrance and verandah before it became an unintended adventure playground and place to practice knots. Happily the application and installation was successful but couldn’t have happened with our Garth, our secretary putting it all together  (and mucking in on all the dirty jobs too) along with half the den it seems and the local community as well.
Bill from Construct 345 did a great job on the front entrance and we are very thankful to him for working through the Easter break so we could get our tenants back in the hall on schedule after all that rain. Nova from Baru Cabinets and his team kept their price low for us, did everything on time, and did a great job on the kitchen. Liam (Victor Cub Dad and electrician) did  a great job on wiring the stove and fixing up the kitchen lighting. Liam and Garth also cleaned out the old kitchen (someone always get s the glamorous jobs). We should also say thanks to the three people who provided our grant application references and are also ongoing supporters of Victor. They are Ian Kaye (then state member for Greenslopes), Ian McKenzie (Councillor for Holland Park) and Alan Helier (President of the Holland Park/Mt Gravatt RSL Sub-Branch). 
Holly (our chair…not that she gets to sit down) gave up her time. with Garth to meet Baru Cabinet to organise the kitchen quotes and choose kitchen, design, colours, etc. (Apparently Scout green doesn’t cut it 😉  )
IMG_1591Tracey did a great job keeping our tenants informed and happy when we had to rearrange their schedule due to the building work. Tracey and Holly also cleaned and returned all the kitchen crockery, utensils, etc. back to the kitchen after its completion. David (yep treasurers deserve a knighthood) organised the financials needed for the application. David also volunteered his time, car and trailer so we could pick up the new stove for the kitchen. Thanks to Mark, Sarah-Jane, other members and parents who carried the stove up the stairs on that Cub night. Thanks also to Joeys dad, Dan (who’s also been handy with a paint brush too) for the grant application preparation and getting the ball rolling on the whole thing and the email communication thing. Thanks to the leaders and members for putting up with the building work and cancellation of their activity nights. Did we mention Catherine (Scouts QLD’s grants officer) was fantastic. Catherine edited our final application and tracked down all the Scouts officials that needed to sign our application. She was always very prompt in answering any questions we had and paying our contractors. Catherine will also be organising Victor’s grant acquittal (yep the fun never ends)  documentation that needs to be sent back to the Community Benefit Gambling Fund after we spend all the money.
Thanks also to any members, family, leaders or anyone else who contributed that we
have forgotten to mention here.