March 22nd/23rd 2015 Operation Butterfly


Penguin Patrol wins a Top 10 Pennant at Operation Butterfly



Congratulations to the 8 scouts who attended Operation Butterfly.

Your behaviour was exemplary. Many leaders have personally approached me to tell me how impressed they were with your efforts as a patrol working together as a team, helping each other and your positive attitude to every base. BRAVO!

This has to be contextualised with the knowledge that, for all but two of you, this was your first ever OB. For some of you it was your first camp as scouts. And the torrential rain and storms, that meant many bases were temporarily closed as well, means an even more fantastic effort on your part.

Sometimes it was hard, often it was muddy, there were small challenges but each of you has grown and blossomed so much and should be congratulated on persisting through the cold and wet!

March 27th – Conservation Harmony Theme Night

Tonight we had a base rotation activities night with conservation as our theme with Earth Hour and World Water Day being this week, along with Harmony Day to celebrate all the different people of the world caring and sharing our planet together.

Base 1 – Making paper lanterns in the dark. Reminded us that we are very fortunate to have electricity at our finger tips.

Base 2 – Learning how to filter water using basic means such as sticks, gravel, paper towel and cotton wool. We learnt to appreciate the water we have every day and just how difficult it can be to purify with limited resources.

Base 3 – Harmony Day Activity. Thanks to Hawkeye for coming and helping us out. We learnt about the cultural aspects of three different music tracks and how they related to us in a global cultural context.