All of the Joeys worked very hard this term, and especially during August (which is Scouts in Action Month). The mob spent 4 weeks focusing on the environment and exploring a different theme each week with Bagheera, Wolf and Rikki.

The theme for the month – ‘Scouts in the Environment’ – allowed the Joeys the opportunity to discover the world around them whilst having a lot of fun. Recycling; Clean water, clean Air; Animals and their habitat; People in the environment (who works in it and why); the habitat in their own backyards and gardening and preservation/conservation all gave the Joeys the chance to learn new things and to really think about humans and the environment.

As Junior Joey rangers, they explored the environment around the den, the local neighbourhood, at BP Park and finally at Beelarong Community Farm – finding out what trees grow in their location, what kinds of animals live there and how they could help ( not littering, planting trees and attracting native animals to their gardens). The Joeys also made native bee hives from recycled tins and donated one to Beelarong as thank you gift.

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They each earned the following badges – Joey Environment Challenge badge and the Scouts in Action Month badge.

They also each achieved an international Scout badge that requires a lot of extra work and participation in a community activity: the World Scout Environment Badge. The final part of the badge is taking part in a local community activity. The Joeys visited Beelarong Community Farm for this final task.


B-R-A-V-O Joeys for all your hard work and a thank you to our families for their support with this badge work.

Yours in Scouting,

Bagheera and Wolf