On the final night of term, it was all aboard with our mob buddies from Upper Mt Gravatt when we visited the Union Pacific Model Railway club.  The two mobs got to know each other through some great games – dog and bone, shark island and marshmallow relays – before they trekked through the park to the model railway.

And the looks on their faces when they spied the treasures within? Priceless!


The members very kindly allowed the mobs to get up close to the village and models –

WP_20150915_19_34_58_Pro WP_20150915_19_51_29_Pro WP_20150915_19_34_42_Pro

Not even the leaders were immune to the wonder of the railway.  Bagheera got to use the controller and blow the whistles and horns on the train, Wolf poked around the workroom, Eagle loved every minute and Rikki just looked chuffed!

WP_20150915_19_58_45_Pro WP_20150915_19_37_11_Pro WP_20150915_19_35_14_Pro

The mob always love visiting the Union Pacific Railway group each year and look forward to the start of their Adventure Challenge badge.  Thank you again for letting us visit.  Oh and parents, the club is always looking for new enthusiasts to join them!

Yours in Scouting,

Bagheera and Wolf.