Agoonoree is a very special camp held every year in the first week of the September holidays for scouts over the age of 12.  It is a little bit like a Jamboree where scouts camp in troop lines for the week and participate in day and night time activities.  Agoonoree is a bit different as each patrol (there are 4 per troop) have two guests that camp with them.  These guest have a variety of disabilities or disadvantages that mean that they are often unable to regularly participate in scouting programs.  Each patrol had to care for their guests’ needs which could be quite variable.  This year three of our scouts attended.  Elliot, Tadgh and Alex were all assigned to Orange Troop under the care of Wombat (the Assistant Regional Commissioner for Darling Downs).  Elliot was in Armadillo Patrol, Alex was in Buffalo Patrol and Tadgh was in Patrol.  It was a very interesting week for all and they learnt a lot about each other and how to care for others less fortunate.
E & A Goonie