Well tonight we had lots of excitement.  Not only was it the first night of a weekend camp at the den but our program was dealing with emergency situations and first aid. Don’t be alarmed!  Their injuries are all fake.

Echidna whipped up several lots of edible blood (both arterial and venous using golden syrup, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup and food colouring) and did her best to plaster the scouts with various forms of cuts, burns and open wounds.  Not to mention head injuries and snake bites!

Our three scouts working on Adventurer level citizenship and emergencies target badges (Elliot, Joseph & Rodhana) developed some mock emergencies that we ran through on bases dealing with head injuries, snake bite, shock, broken arms, gashes and heart attack.  We learned a lot and had much fun fixing each other up.

Perhaps most excitingly the scouts think that their wounds will be excellent come Spooky Halloween Disco in a few weeks’ time and we look forward to a number of different zombies emerging!

It was a great way to start our weekend camp.

Injured Panthers

Injured Panthers

Pair of broken Penguins

Some injured penguins


The Farmer has a heart attack from a snake bite!


Look what Penguin did to their PL when he fell down hiking!


Nasty gash

Ciara & Emily getting geared up to be zombies come Halloween

Emily & Ciara