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Advancements, Anzac Day, Moon Walking and Star Wars. Who wouldn’t want to be a Victor Joey?

Four Joeys become Cubs…

Wow, what  amazing achievement for our mob. With lots of hard work, nights visiting cubs and working on their individual Promise Challenge projects, 4 of the mob advanced into the cub pack.  There were 2 very proud Joey leaders and some even prouder joeys!  The mob took part in a Gross Fun Advancement night – armpit fudge, apple bobbing, a campfire filled with all of the 4 joeys favourite songs ( 20 000 feet, 3 chocolate éclairs, Hello my name is Joe) led on to Hawkeye taking them away to join the cub pack.  A very special supper and cake ended the very last Joey night for Oliver, Max, Jack and Travis.  Well done to you all and best wishes in the cub pack.

Anzac Day March and Parade

The mob joined the rest of group for the Anzac Day March and Service.  Ben and Adam were given the honour of laying the wreath for the Joey section during the service. They both did a brilliant job and respected the solemnity of the day. On the Tuesday, we continued learning more about the Anzacs and their service by reading a book about the landing at Gallipoli, hearing about why Australia was involved and partaking in  activities that reinforced what we had learnt. The mob then made damper.

Mothers Night

What happens when our mothers come along to Joeys for Mothers night?  They become honorary Joeys for the night and take part in ALL of the activities! And that is exactly what our intrepid and brave mothers did. Brainteaser questions, Bandelogs tails and shark island, clown dress ups for the malteser game and Hug-a-tree were all gamely played by the mothers before the joeys allowed them to have supper.  Luckily, the mob had made their mothers a lovely gift to show how much they care about them all – Fairy jars.

Hairy Charlie Experience.

Visiting some of our favourite Australian children’s books is always an excuse for a mob ight of costumes, drama and laughter. This term we chose ‘Hairy Charlie and the Pumpkin’ by  Dawn French.  The mob stuffed scarecrows, made Hairy Charlie beards to wear and then were entertained by Bagheera playing Hairy Charlie dealing with a very fast growing pumpkin vine AND chasing away a very pesky magpie played by Wolf. The Joeys thought they were hilarious!

Joeys…The Final Frontier.

Space – the theme for June saw the joeys designing their own space aliens,

making space helmets and air tanks for their moonwalk and exploration of the stars/planets

and culminated in them graduating from the Joey Jedi Training School.

Spirit of Anzac Centenary Exhibition.

The joey mob attended a very special exhibition called “Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience’ with the scout section from Victor and with our mob buddies from Upper Mt Gravatt plus the cub pack from UMG.  It was an audio guided exhibition that took us through World War One from the beginnings of the start of the war, through the increasing involvement of the Anzac troops, examining the various battles and armaments before reaching the conclusion with Armistice Day and commemorating those service men and women who were lost. The joeys were so respectful and learned  a lot from the exhibition and we were very proud of them. Many of the families visited the exhibition a second time as it was so thought provoking. WP_20160618_15_29_30_Pro

Yours in Scouting,

Bagheera and Wolf