grey-wolf-walk.jpgJust last week,  under the leadership of Grey Wolf candidate Matthew from Victor Scouts a Grey Wolf was found! Matthew took his pack on a camping trip, and then an intrepid walk through forested woodlands, over a precipitous ramshackle bridge. They then found a secret entrance to a tunnel under a mountain, leading to a wolf den within which they found some wolf cubs. Undeterred by the cuteness, they continued on up a rocky mountain side and came across the Grey Wolf of legend.

If this all sounds a bit fanciful then you need to checkout the video evidence that cub leader Chil took of whole the journey…because it all happened. If you don’t believe us ask Angus, Alana, Lucas and Oscar who were all there as well….virtually!!


image.pngHow could all this happen during COVID19 you might ask yourselves? well you need look no further than the origins of the Legend of the Grey Wolf to understand that its all true (The *cough* true history of the Grey Wolf Award) that there really was a Grey Wolf who inhabited Mt Gravatt mountain.  Then owing to the ingenuousness of a young cub, who, desperate for more computer time from his parents…. faithfully recreated the entire walk in Minecraft and with permission of section leader Chil and district commissioner Raven, and then took his pack along for the walk.

Special thanks to the wonders of the NBN (yes it actually does work), Zoom (hello…tap..tap…tap  is this microphone turned on?) and the nice people at (who will let you build your own world on their Minecraft server) it was all turned into reality….kind of!

Well done Matthew on getting your Grey Wolf walk done, all from the comfort and madness of COVID isolation.


NOTE: Matthews Grey Wolf World (Minecraft Bedrock) is open for online tours by special appointment only


B..R..A..V..O..BRAVO Chil!!!

A special shout out to our section leader Chil who has been running cubs as normal over Zoom sessions,  with songs, cooking/baking and other activities. He recons Zoom is better than normal because he can mute the noisy cubs when needed 😉 ,  well all of them except for his son (till he moved him to a seperate computer in another room)  …BRAVO to Chil!


PS Raven he also did a giant big walk with family along the infamous Legend of the Bulimba Bunyip trail to take care of the physical requirements too!


Here’s Matthews invite to his Grey Wolf walk