IMG_0513.jpgIt was almost three years ago our committee first applied to the Queensland Governments Gambling Community Benefit Fund for help in renovating our hall. Our hall, a post world war demob naval building, was first established on site back in 1940’s. Since that time it’s been extended, raised and put through its paces by literally thousands of scouts – we recon its probably in better condition than the generations of scout leaders it seen in its time though 😉

Any ways after a few midnight knocks on commissioners doors to get signatures and a few resubmissions to the gaming fund (where it was often judged meritorious… but not high enough in the queue) it was finally successful, just a few group committees ago.

COVID threw a spanner into the works, and just as the grant was about to expire we were successful in getting an extension and now works begins in earnest.

IMG_0514Enter Brad and sidekick Paul from Custom Constructions (who has probably repaired every other floor in Holland Park renovation rescues) who is now taking of fixing the flooring. Our floors are something of a *cough* work of art comprising of a least 3 different timbers all in multiple widths making up something of mosaic to entertain the toes. All supported by bearers  in most but not all areas that will also see Brad’s attentions. So this week its up with the worst of the boards and down with replacements. Next up is floor polishing before work starts on the outside (but more on that another time).

Big thanks to Brad (0414730833) for making us a priority and to the Gambling Community Benefit Fund