As the old saying goes it takes a village to raise a child and it’s certainly true at Victor Scouts. 

Gathering around the village fire at Victor Scouts!

Why just this afternoon our most recent Grey Wolf awardees (the peak award for cub scouts), Matthew and Angus (centre) were quietly cooking marshmallows on the ‘Matgus’ fire brazier (which they donated to the group as a thankyou to the cubs section before moving up to scouts), when who should drop by (from L to R) but Phoenix our Venturer leader (almost pictured) and furry friend, their cub leader Chil (give that man a medal…errr burnt marshmallow), and fellow cub Oscar. Then Scoutmaster and Victor group leader Blackbeard turned up to check on the fire safety ( can we have a badge for doing this?)

The smell of roasting marshmallows wafted up the hill drawing Anthony Gribbin, their school principal, down from the adjoining Holland Park State School (I guess it was a long time since little lunch).  As it happened Sam (from Environ Landscaping Solutions) was also there watering the grass, from his recently completed retaining wall,landscaping of the grounds and new fire area. We love the sandstone seating area Sam donated as well!(he got extra charcoal on his marshmallow). Brenna from scouts and Xiyenqa from Joeys were along for quality control.

Next to pop by was Joe Kelly, our local State member (and incumbent Victor treasurer),  he said he was checking up on the progress (as it was funded from the Queensland Gambling Community Benefit Fund), but we know better! It’s a few months to go till the next democracy sausage is available, so we reckon he just wanted a few marshmallows to tide himself over.

But that’s not all folks, if you think the grounds are looking fabulous come inside and check out the floor restorations undertaken by Brad from Custom constructions. A mammoth task to repair a post war floor made of three different timbers (and anything else they could find), and fix a stage area that was more trampoline than floor. Doesn’t it look pretty though though!


Well the whole story started a few years ago but finally the day was here and work got started!

Up came substantial areas of the floors
Day 1 with the diggers


Wow…there is life in the old boards yet
Starting to take shape
Hey cubs, if you can get these blocks into place you can earn a badge 😉
The fine tuning of the Matgus (Matthew and Angus) fire area brazier
The boys from Environ Landscaping Solutions


Matgus in action!

We love our new country style retaining wall and fence

(Photo credits B.Wilson and D.James)