During Term 3 the Joeys focused on the Environment and celebrated Scouts in Action month (August) with a month long celebration of the environment – at home, in their community and also the world.  But along the way, they also had some fantastic nights with Clifton Hill and Upper Mt Gravatt mobs, took part in Joey Jaunt and Skillorama, celebrated Fathers Day, checked out the Union Pacific Model trains and spent a morning in a community farm!

Horizontal Abseiling night.

What is Horizontal abseiling?  Read on to find out….

The mob started a new term with a night aimed at building friendship and developing the Joey law – “A Joey Scout Cares, A Joey Scout shares’.  Adventure and fun were the order of the night as the Joeys played games that involved working together and helping each other to complete the challenges.  After this, Dan led the Joeys through some abseiling training by ‘explaining the ropes’!  The mob learned about the buddy system, safety with ropes and harnesses, and were shown the knots that are used in abseiling.  Once all of the mob knew the rules and safety for the activity, Dan and Charlie helped each of the Joeys into a harness and then the ‘horizontal’ fun began. Horizontal abseiling involves using the same techniques that you need for regular vertical abseiling, but travailing across a horizontal surface ( eg hall floor, easement etc).  The Joeys absolutely loved the adventure of horizontal abseiling and it was a wonderful start to the new term.

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Toohey District Joey Campfire.

Torrential rain, wind and winter cold couldn’t prevent the Joeys coming together for the district Joey campfire at Upper Mt Gravatt den.  Rather than a traditional campfire outdoors, the district leaders took the whole production inside and the result? A terrific night of campfire traditions by lantern!  Emu and Raven led the joeys through campfire songs, Raven and Bagheera performed some skits ( ask the joeys about the Big Chief skit!) and Bagheera helped the cubs with a very exciting production of ‘the Bubble-gum’ skit.  Energetic renditions of Three Chocolate Éclairs, Mamma Shark and Galumph meant that the joeys were all ready for the shared supper that followed.  Each joey and cub that attended were also given a campfire badge for their collection.  What a fantastic way to celebrate being a Joey on a cold wet night.


Buddy night walk with Clifton Hill mob.

Sixteen very excited Joeys from Victor and Clifton Hill went for a night walk in Toohey Forest as a way of introducing the two mobs and starting their Buddy Challenge badge. The Joey leader from Clifton Hill led the mobs along the tracks and the joeys all tried to spot wildlife with their torches.  Mid way around, we all stopped for a well earned break – drinks and snakes –


before heading off to meet the parents at the drop off point.  For some of the Joeys, this was their first night spotlight walk and they all enjoyed the experience.

Medieval Fun.

With 2015 being a special year for the Joey section – 25th Anniversary – all of the mobs in SEQ were looking forward to Joey Jaunt this year.  And when it was announced that the them would be ‘ Joeys Scouts of the Round Table’ , how could we resist having a medieval buddy night too?  Clifton Hill mob visited us to move it ‘medieval’ style. Each joey made a medieval ID badge displaying their medieval Knight/Lady name and added a picture of themselves, before moving on to make their own shields ( they each had to design their own device design).  Stealth skills were employed in ‘Hug a Tree’ and spotlight outside.  Then all of the joeys donned bike helmets to learn pool noodle jousting with shields.  Huzzah to the fun had by all!  Thank you to Raven for lending us the pool noodles and shields.


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As you can see from the programme below, the remainder of term 3 was filled with so many exciting events and happenings. They deserve their own posts so that you can see the photos of the many adventures shared by Victor mob.

Term 3:  2015  
1 Welcome back (Horizontal Abseiling)
Special Event Regional Joey Campfire
2 Buddy Night walk with Clifton Hill mob
3 Medieval Mayhem Buddy night with Raven as special guest
Special Event Joey Jaunt – “Joeys of the Medieval Round Table”
4 SIAM week 1 – Joeys and the Environment (WSEB)
5 SIAM week 2 – Clean Water, Clean Air (WSEB)
6 SIAM week 3 – Habitats and Native Species (WSEB)
7 SIAM week 4 – Joey Junior Rangers:People in the environment (WSEB)
8 Joeys in the community
Special Event Skillorama
9 Fathers Day Night – Dads to visit
Special Event World Scout Environment badge outing – Beelarong
10 Model Railway visit with UMG mob

Yours in scouting,

Bagheera and Wolf