Term 2 shaped up to be even busier and more exciting that Term 1 for the mob.  There were so many wonderful activities – camps, campfires, Anzac Day and Mother’s Day – that the Joeys were busy every meeting!  Two new members were invested AND two of the Joeys achieved their Promise and Link badges and advanced to the cub section!

1 Welcome back – HOP games and activities night
Special Event Anzac Day March & Service (6:30am – 8:00am)
2 Anzac Day Remembrance night
3 Space Night & Mothers Day gift making
4 Mothers Day – Mothers join Joeys for the evening (supper)
Special Event District Camp – ‘Roll up to the Circus’ (Joeys rally @ 9am)
5 Circus Night: “Lions & Tigers and Clowns, Oh My!”
6 Cooking: Monster munchies.
7 World Environment Day celebrations.
8 Special Guest & supper: Rikki (knots & yarns)
9 Cooking: Wombat Stew.
10 End of term Campfire & Going up night

A snap shot of the happenings that made up Term 2:

The 100th Year Celebration of Gallipoli and ANZAC Day.

The Joeys spent several weeks learning about Anzac Day, it’s meaning and why we celebrate it before taking part in the Anzac Day March and Service at the Holland Park RSL Sub-branch.  It was a moving service and the Joeys were respectful of the significance of the service and the ceremony of the day. Jason carried a photo of a family member who served in the First World War and Patrick helped to lay the wreath. Each Joey in the mob earned their ‘Their Service, Our Heritage’ Badge.


Mother’s Night.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, the Joey invited their Mothers or carers along to share a special  night with the mob.  The Mothers had to undergo the official Joey training ( with a pop quiz) before being inducted into the mob as ‘Honourary Joeys’ for the evening. The parents took part in games like “Hanging out the Washing’, Shark island and Hug a tree before sharing supper.  Thank you to all the parents who helped make it such a fantastic night.

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Roll Up, Roll Up to the District Camp!

Over a slightly wet weekend in May, some of the mob attended the District camp.  The theme this year was the Circus and what circus would be complete without clowns, strongmen or ringmasters (leaders).  Lot’s of great activities, food and a campfire rounded out what was a fabulous camp.  And let’s not forget the scouts creating some amazing swings, chariots etc. for the cubs and Joeys. And the jumping castle!


Monster Munchies no bake night.

For hungry Joeys, this was a night of tasty treats that involved no baking.  The Joeys helped make coconut ice, chocolate crackles and Wizz Fizz before taking home packed containers and recipes to share with their families.  Need we say more?

IMG_0418 ATT_1432629642762_20150526_183838 ATT_1432629643022_20150526_183820

Wombat Stew – Ooey, Gooey!

What better way to finish off our cooking adventure than to combine a beloved Australian children’s book with making stew.  A rousing version of Wombat Stew was told by Rikki and acted out by Bagheera and Wolf to the joeys amusement.  Little did they know that all of the pot ingredients – flies, mud, gum leaves etc. – would be their supper.  Only kidding, the joeys actually had home made vegetable soup as their Wombat Stew to round off the nights fun.

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Campfire Going up celebrations.

With the final night of term upon us, it was time to celebrate two very special achievements.  Patrick and Jason had both undertaken the task of completing their Promise Challenge badges and their link work in preparation of moving up into the cub pack at the start of term 4.  They had both worked very hard on their individual projects and deeds.  Wolf and I were very proud of their hard work. As a fitting, and final, send off from the mob we held a special campfire with pizza and cake for supper to celebrate with them.  BRAVO Patrick and Jason!


Yours in scouting,

Bagheera and Wolf.