It was with much excitement that the mob came back after the long summer holidays.  They were all looking forward to another exciting scouting year of adventure, challenges, fun and friendship.  And that is just what they got during Term1.

Term 1: 2015  
1 Welcome back – games and activities night
2 Joey Promise and Law
3 BP and Founders Day
Special Event Founders Day service and Rally POSTPONED
4 HOP! Joeys care and share.
Special Event Founders Day service and Rally (7:30am-12:00pm)
Special Event Clean Up Australia Day (time TBA)
5 Environment – weather ( weather predictor craft)
6 Environment – recycling and me.
7 Harmony Day Family supper with Cub pack
8 Earth Hour – Lights out night!
9 Easter Celebrations and end of term night.

Here are a few of the highlights of term 1:

Advancement from Joey to Cub section.

One of the most exciting things that happen for the Joeys is when they move up from the Joey mob and are invested into the Cub section.  And Seraphina achieved this just before Founders Day!  She completed her Promise Challenge work, undertook her link badge and celebrated her next big adventure in scouting with her friends in the mob.  BRAVO Seraphina on all your hard work and good luck in the pack.

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HOP, BP and Founders Day.

With the date postponed due to cyclones, the district celebrated Founders Day (BP’s birthday) with our annual service followed by the JACS (Joey and Cub Scouts) section rally.  There were all kinds of wonderful bases being run by our dedicated sections leaders – marshmallow cannons, rope bridges and climbing.  Victor Joeys ran the birthday code breaker base and challenged the cubs and Joeys to crack the code and learn some interesting facts about BP!  And the icing on the cake?  A special collector badge of course!

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Harmony Day Pack attack with the Cubs!

To celebrate international Harmony Day, the joeys and cubs joined forces to share a night exploring this years theme – “Everyone Belongs”.  The youth members took part in games, activities and fun before they shared supper.  Congratulations to all those who came along and earned their special event badges.

IMG_0360 IMG_0361


Earth Hour, Lights out!

As part of their Environment Challenge, the Joeys celebrated Earth Hour in true Joey style!  The hall was set up like a huge tent with lanterns, cushions and a ‘campfire’ and the joeys took part in the recycling theme of the night by creating their own ‘up-cycled’ outfits from newspaper before constructing paddle pop stick harmonicas.  And of course, what campfire would be complete without a few songs?  ‘Three Chocolate éclairs’ and ‘My Aunt came back’ were the joeys choice.



Oh, and Bagheera took part in a Branch training day exploring Australia’s First Nation Peoples.  The leaders learnt about bush craft, boomerang throwing and cultural knowledge.  It was a fantastic day of knowledge sharing and a wonderful opportunity.  Thank you to the Branch Joey Scout Commissioner for organising it.


Yours in Scouting,

Bagheera and Wolf