Over the Christmas holidays, two very lucky youth members at Victor visited Thailand with their family.  Jason and Nicole, like all scouts, were prepared for their trip with Australian scarves, uniforms and badges to exchange with scouts in Thailand.  They spent several days with some Thai scouts – Sankampang School Boy and Girl Scouts – and shared how Joeys and cubs work in Australia, learnt about Scouting in Thailand.

Jason and Nicole with Sankampang School Boy Scouts FullSizeRender

They were even lucky enough to take part in some adventurous activities.   A badge winner thanking Jason

Nicole and Jason off on a hike with their Scout troop

They also swapped some Australian badges for some Thai badges to add their own collection.

Nicole and Jason giving away some Australian Scout Christmas badges

And 2 very lucky Joey leaders were also given a marvellous present by Nicole and Jason – some Thai badges and a woggle!

Thank you Nicole, Jason, Darunee and Garth for allowing us the chance to hear about how other scouts work, see some wonderful photos and have the opportunity to see some very special badges.

Garth and Darunee presenting Australian Scouts badges to Sankampang School Scout Leaders

Yours in Scouting,

Bagheera and Wolf.

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